LPS 1 Competition for Projected Images
19th September 2017
Judge Christine Hartley

Colour : Open

16Monty TrentIcebow
25Ray HattrellJo Harman
34Nicola BillowsCatch of the day
43Nicola BillowsA bigger splash
52Eva PittMarina bay sands at sunset
61Norman RobertsonDes Res

Monochrome : Themed - Junk
16Alex ReesRusty tractor
25Jose Closs Bicycle in the mud
34Nicola BillowsPast caring
43Ian BigginsJunkRover
52Ruth BaumbergA trip to the tip
61Bill ChatwinFarm junk

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LPS 2 Competition for Prints
24th October 2017
Judge Tony Gaunt

Colour : Open

16Ted ClementsLittle owl
25Jose ClossThe angel at Greysir
34Jose ClossSwan stretch
43Nicola BillowsBest of friends
52Ruth Baumberg Budapest great synagogue
61Nicola BillowsWhite tailed fish eagle

Monochrome : Themed - Movement
16Norman RobertsonFlat out
25Nicola BillowsExuberance
34Norman RobertsonFast corner
43Norman RobertsonKicking up the sand
52Ted ClementsSpeedy lady
61Ted ClementsHarness racer

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LPS 3 Competition for Projected Images
25th November 2017
Judge Sally Sallett

Colour : Themed - A book title

16Nicola BillowsFantastic Mr Fox
25Eva PittHamlet
34Tina BulleyA Kestrel for a Knave
43Norman RobertsonHome coming
52Ian LawrieA room with a view
61Jose ClossNorthern lights

Monochrome : Open
16Jose ClossDark days
25Jose ClossPicnic secrets
34Eva PittBad hair day
43Ian LawrieNew Zealand fur seal
52Ray HattrellThe lonley tree
61Tina BulleyRacing through the dust

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LPS 4 Competition for Prints
16th January 2018
Judge Keaton Roebuck

Colour : Themed - Nature in close up

16Jose ClossShrill carder bee
25Ted ClementsSharing
34Ruth Baumberg

Ascalaphus libelloides
43Ted ClementsCommon frog
52Eva PittRain drops
61Ray HattrellMorning dew

Monochrome : Open
16Ted ClementsGreyhound racing
25Jose ClossWhat key is it in?
34Ted ClementsStudy of a yellow baboon
43Ray HattrellKaz Hawkins
52Eva PittClarence Dock
61Ruth Baumberg Cormorant

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LPS 5 Competition for Projected Images
6th February 2018
Judge David Goodier

Colour : Open

16Monty TrentMurlough beach
25David KegelThe light of learning
34Howard GouldHK shopkeeper
43Judy BarkerStanding tall at sunset
52Keith BrightwellIntricate
61Ray HattrellAutumn

Monochrome : Themed - After dark
16Norman RobertsonDeserted street

25Johan FaustHawaiian summer night
34Eva PittMoon cats
43Jose ClossCars and wheels
52Monty TrentSt Pauls at 2am
61Ted ClementsSalford Quays after dark

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LPS 6 Competition for Prints
27th February 2018
Judge Duncan Webb

Colour : Themed - Autumn

16Jose ClossBright treetops
25Eva PittFeels like Autumn
34Jose ClossLeafy path
43Ray HattrellAutumn
52Ted ClementsAutumn, the season for roaring
61Ray HattrellEastby

Monochrome : Open
16Nicola BillowsPreparing to dance
25Ray HattrellHawes
34Norman RobertsonFast corner
43Eva PittInversion
52Ted ClementsThe eyes of the tiger
61Jose ClossArms folded

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