LPS 1 Competition for Projected Images
18th September 2018
Judge Keaton Roebuck

Colour : Open

16Ted ClementsFollow the leader
25Ted ClementsHelicoptor Pyrotechnics
34John ChesterRushing
43Eva PittLong shadows
52Catherine HilditchFrom Darkness to Light
61Tina BulleyRomance is in the air

Monochrome : Themed - An every day object
16Eva PittEats socks
25Ted ClementsTea cup and saucer
34Andrew JackBeating time
43Bill ChatwinSalt and pepper
52Nicola BillowsA bedside lamp
61Clive HudsonA T spoon

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LPS 2 Competition for Prints
23rd October 2018
Judge Chris Hodgson

Colour : Open

16Jose ClossDissolving swans
25Jose ClossBlue dress
34Nicola BillowsA healthy catch of sand eels
43Monty TrentThe white village
52Eva PittTime warp
61Ray HatterellSea Wall

Monochrome : Themed - Abandoned
16Eva PittSad end
25Jose ClossWorkhouse death room
34Ray HattrellVictorian Bath
43Eva PittIt's not you it's me
52Ted ClementsLeft to nature
61Ray HatterellMemories

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LPS 3 Competition for Projected Images
27th November 2018
Judge Sally Sellett

Colour : Themed - The Golden Hour

16Norman RobertsonFirst Dawn over Wharfdale
25Jose ClossEmerging
34Eva PittGold meets blue
43Ted ClementsBraakfast at dawn
52Ian BigginsNovember on the Costa del Humber
61Clive HudsonDustanburgh castle

Monochrome : Open
16Jose ClossEtruscan World
25Tina BulleyHome coming
34Eva PittBig Ben boogie
43Ted ClementsClose racing
52Tina BulleyConcentration
61Keith BrightwellLeaves

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LPS 4 Competition for Prints
22th January 2019
Judge Bob Free

Colour : Themed - A Song Title

16Jose ClossStorm in a Teacup
25Eva PittRed Red Wine
34Ted ClementsCome fly with me
43Eva PittMe and my Shadow
52Keith BrightwellIn The Bleak Midwinter
61Catherine HilditchUnderneath the Arches

Monochrome : Open
16Jose ClossChurch Lane
25Ray HattrellWhen I’m cleaning windows
34Norman RobertsonStrategic Alignment
43Eva PittLloyds of London
52Nicola BillowsAll that remains
61Jose ClossEye Contact

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LPS 5 Competition for Projected Images
12th February 2019
Judge Paul Bullock

Colour : Open

16Jose ClossThe man and the avenue
25Keith BrightwellFrom Kidson Hill Swaledale
34Norman RobertsonParadise
43Nicola BillowsA Pelicans Gaze
52Diane BennettDo you require small,medium or large?
61Andrew JackAmaryllis emerging Arches

Monochrome : Themed - Something beginning with 'K'
16Jose ClossKoi Carp
25Ted ClementsKudu
34Eva PittKeys
43Catherine HilditchKutting Krew
52Jeanne HopleyKaleidoscopic Tree
61Jose ClossKelpies

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LPS 6 Competition for Prints
26th February 2019
Judge Stephanie Cook

Colour : Themed - Circle(s)

16Eva PittSupermoon eclipse
25Catherine HilditchMirror Tree
34Eva PittDrops and Droplets
43Ted ClementsCircle in the Sky
52Catherine HilditchBangles Catherine
61Norman RobertsonTurning Circles

Monochrome : Open
16Jose ClossFamily in repose
25Keith BrightwellProud as a Peacock
34Eva PittOld Keys
43Ted ClementsWrist Bender
52Jose ClossForgotten Bandstand
61Norman RoberstonCascade

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