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YPU 2020 Annual Exhibition entries


if you'd like to enter any images (prints or digital) into the YPU Annual Exhibition for 2020 then please read the attached document which explains the entry requirements and contains an entry form which you'll need to complete.

All entries must be sent to Ted Clements no later than Tuesday 14 January 2020 - what you give Ted must include: a completed entry form, your prints and digital images in the correct format as specified in the attached document and the relevant entry fee (of £1.50 per entry).  Note that as with LPS competitions print entries must also be accompanied by a digital copy of the image.  Digital files can be put on a USB stick or sent by wetransfer - we do not use the online entry system on the LPS website for these entries.

The YPU are quite strict about the format etc of entries so please double check that all your entries are strictly in compliance with the guidelines.  If something is wrong then your entry may not be submitted, or may be submitted but rejected out of hand by the YPU.  Please don't rely on Ted to check your entries - it's your responsibility.



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