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Any thoughts on whether this is good enough to enter (under wildlife)?

Its been cropped quite a bit and isn't as sharp as I would like but then you can't get too close and I didn't have a 600mm!

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  • Grizzlys.jpg

Arrangement, composition and exposure are all good, but you're right, it's not sharp and sharpness is critical in wildlife competitions. Don't let that put you off however, give it a go in one of the LPS competitions, or as part of the set of 3 for the Dinner, see what an experienced judge says.


I like it but I wonder if there is scope to make more of a landscape format ? The heads are perhaps a little too close to the edges in a square crop ?

I think you could lose a little bit off the top. When viewed on my IPad full size it cut off a bit of the top and that looked better. The bear on the right looks like he has a cigarette in it's mouth.

I think this works well as it shows the animals in their environment and I like that. The problem, however, is that there is too high a proportion of environment to animal and perhaps you might think about cropping hard from the top to just above the LH bear's ears.

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