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rom NIcholas Pronay

Colleagues using Topaz AI might like to read the communication I received from Topaz. The magenta/green shift to which it refers as being particular to certain camera file types seemed to me the most noticeable in photographs I took with Olympus, less so with Sony and least so, so still present with Canon. cameras.  High ISO and RAW files seemed to suffer more than JPEG. Though to be fair, most - except very high ISO Olympus RAW files (20,000 ISO) - were largely within colour correction parameters.

Eric Lowery (Topaz)

Sep 27, 9:42 AM CDT

Hi there!

Good news and news! Thank you for sending the files. This is always helpful for us when troubleshooting problems like this. The news is we are aware of this magenta/green color shift issue. The good news is we are working on a fix in an upcoming update, and just for your info, this issue seems to be rooted in specific camera file types so it's possible you won't see it in files from other cameras.

I don't have a hard timeline for the fix release yet, but I know it's something we're addressing quickly so keep a lookout for updates for all AI products and Studio 2 that should eliminate this problem for you in the near future.

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