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RPS Pathway to Distinction

I attended an RPS pathway to distinctions workshop in York at the weekend. I would highly recommend this to anyone interested. It was £5 including refreshments which is a bargain.

Thanks for sharing that Andrew. Are you - or any other members you know - considering RPS distictions (with the world's second oldest photographic society 😁) ?

I attended a distinction advisory day a while ago as an observer. It was interesting and revealing, though it got rather fraught when one entrant was accused of entering "staged" photos and stormed out. There was a lot of advice and discussion on putting together a suitable panel rather than just the quality of individual images.

Hi Mark, I am hoping to try for LRPS in the new year. The informal feedback I got last week was very positive and encouraging. The approach and the criteria are very different from competition entry. It would be good to form a group in LPS if there were several other people interested.

I'd certainly be interested in pursuing this, Andrew, and the group is a good idea.

Ray may be a useful source of knowledge as he is an ARPS; I don't know of any other members who have distinctions.

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