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removing edge artefact

This is a portrait of one of the tame wood pigeons that live in our garden, It was taken with an 80mm macro lens at very close range - about 50-100cm. The image is very sharp but there is a faint line of artefact at the boundary with the background. Is this because it was taken through a double glazed window? How can you get rid of this in photoshop?



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  • Tame-wood-pigeon.jpg

That's a lovely sharp image Andrew and the edge artefact is very small but I can understand it would be annoying once you've noticed it. Is this image the original out of the camera i.e with just in-camera processing ? If you have a RAW (NEF) file is the edge effect visible there too ?

The artefact is on the raw file

So it's not due to in-camera JPEG processing then...

My guess would be chromatic aberration. There are lens corrections in Photoshop for this - have you tried any ?

If you want to eliminate the double glazing from enquiries you could try some test shots with the window open and a stand-in pigeon.

Andrew, in Photoshop try the following:

  1. Create a duplicate layer (Cmnd/Control J).
  2. Zoom in  tight, 100% (or more)
  3. With the dodge brush set to brighten mode, lightly (60% opacity or less) dodge out the darker lines
  4. Ditto burn brush set to darken mode, burn in the lighter halos.
  5. If this looks a bit too harsh you can then adjust the layer's opacity to taste.
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