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Printing recommendations ?

If not at home, where do members like to have their images printed, either locally or online ?

Any recommendations gratefully received !




several members use DS Colour Labs for their prints -

I've only tried them once so far but very happy with what they produced.  Cost per print is very reasonable but obviously postage adds to this so best to do a batch if you can.


Thanks Clive. Jose mentioned DSCL as well so I will give them a try when next find some wall space.



I haven't had any prints from DSCL yet but I do have the samples of all their papers (5 C-Type and 11 Fine Art). If anyone would like to see these I can bring them along to a club meeting.



I have just had a print done in Leeds at - near Crown Point. They cost slightly more than DSCL but I went to pick it up so there is no postage to pay.

Mark... I don't know if you already brought your batch of paper in to one of the meetings but it would be useful to look at them and find out more about printing papers and costs etc.

Hello Tamsin - I'll bring my paper samples along to the next meeting.

Hi Mark - that would be great, thank you. There's a couple of other newish members I talk to who might be interested in seeing them as well... so I'll let them know on the night if that's OK.

No problem, I'll be at the table by the door as usual so I'll just lay out the samples there.

I have used Loxley

They are excellent with their own ICC profiles for the various higher quality papers. Not cheap but exhibition standard.

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