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Paris (Las Vegas) at dawn - portrait or landscape ?

Portrait or landscape - which works best ? You can click on the image to see full(er) size.

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I would go for the landscape version but try and get some more detail in the foreground if it's possible.


Thanks Ted, these are (resized) straight out of the camera so there is more detail to be brought out.

I would go for the portrait. I think the eye is drawn away from the tower in the landscape one. I agree with Ted re the foreground needs lightening a bit.

We all have different thoughts don't we.

To me the image is all about the vertical tower which is partly framed by the tall buildings on either side - so I go for the portrait look but would actually make it stonger by cropping a little more off the right hand side (so that the tower is just within the central third, rather than just inside the left hand third as it is now).

I actually like the dark foreground, makes it look very moody, so I wouldn't lighten it very much if at all.

One change I would make though is to clone out the crane in the background.


Thanks for your comments, very interesting. I've decided that a 4x3 crop works quite well and I've adjusted the exposure a little to give some more detail and sharpen the edges. I'm keeping the crane though, I rather like that !

Uploaded files:
  • MG_1731.jpg

I prefer the landscape but felt that the specular highlights on the RH buildings were a distraction. You've anticipated this by cropping them out. Great light and atmosphere. I liked this when it went up last night.

Thanks Monty. Those buildings weren't adding much and I wanted the tower to be closer to the centre so I was happy to lose them.

One of the good things about visiting the USA is that occasionally I am up early enough to catch the dawn 🇺🇸😁

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