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Looking towards Suilven

Here's a long exposure beach picture looking towards the iconic mountain, Suilven in the Assynt Peninsula. I thought the sand looked wondrous and this is inspired by a long term interest in the boundaries between land, water and air. Do you think there's too much beach?

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  • 20190925-_9250489.jpg

You could perhaps lose a little beach but I like the darker curve coming in from the left so that should stay. The shoreline in nicely placed around one third down, if you crop much off the bottom it would move closer to half way which would be less attractive. So, not much scope for adjustment but I don't think it needs much - if any.

You could possibly crop a little more off the foreground but I think perhaps darkening slightly the beach area might make it stand out a bit more

Thanks, here are a couple of edits.

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. . . and another one

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  • Looking-for-Suiven-2.jpg
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