2019-2020 LPS Competition Results

LPS 1 – DPIs
17th September 2019
Judge : Christine Hodgson

2019-2020 LPS 1 - DPI Colour - At the seaside

16Monty TrentRiders on the Beach
25Chris CharlesworthHarbour Sunset
34Norman RoberstonReady for the Off
43Ray HattrellChillin
52Keith BrightwellSeaweed Symmetrical
61Ted ClementsThe Beach at Sunset

2019-2020 LPS 1 - DPI Mono - Open

16Jose ClossLiverpool Central
25Jose ClossPerformance Art
34Ray HattrellPerceval Hall
43Ted ClementsChallenger on the Outside
52Clive HudsonStairway
61Tina BulleyThat Forlorn Feeling

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