LPS 1 – Projected Images
17th September 2019
Judge : Christine Hodgson

Colour : Themed - At the seaside

16Monty TrentRiders on the Beach
25Chris CharlesworthHarbour Sunset
34Norman RoberstonReady for the Off
43Ray HattrellChillin
52Keith BrightwellSeaweed Symmetrical
61Ted ClementsThe Beach at Sunset

Monochrome : Open
16Jose ClossLiverpool Central
25Jose ClossPerformance Art
34Ray HattrellPerceval Hall
43Ted ClementsChallenger on the Outside
52Clive HudsonStairway
61Tina BulleyThat Forlorn Feeling

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LPS 2 – Prints
22nd October 2019
Judge : Stephen Dean

Colour : Open

16Monty TrentMad Jack and the Hatters
25Jose ClossBlack Sand
34Keith BrightwellFrom Otley Chevin
43Jose ClossTwo Staircases
52Norman RobertsonLiving on the Edge of the World
61Ted ClementsMaking a Splash

Monochrome : Themed - Well Used
16Jose ClossAbandoned Bandstand
25Norman RobertsonPast its sell by Date
34Ray HattrellThe Lobster Pot
43Ted Clements80 years old and still running
52Ray HatrellThe Hands
61Ray HatrellWell worn

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LPS 3 – Projected Images
3rd December 2019
Judge : Nigel Dalton

Colour : Open

16Jose ClossV&A and staircase
25Keith BrightwellCauldron Falls, west Burton
34Andrew WinfieldMisty reflections
43Jose ClossLeaf study 1
52Tina Bulleyface to face with a brown bear
61John ChesterAll Set to Go

Monochrome : Themed - At Night
16Andrew WinfieldGhostly figures haunt the Shambles
25Tina Bulleythe hotels night manger
34Chris CharlesworthSalford Keys
43Jose ClossDrumlight
52Tony BiscombeMill bridge and St Pauls Cathedral
61Tony BiscombePuglia by moonlight

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LPS 4 – Prints
21st January 2019
Judge :

Colour : Themed - Transport

16Ray HattrellThe Whitby Train
25Ray HattrellMind the Doors
34Ray HattrellSafety Check
43Ted ClementsOn your bike
52Jose ClossAfter the journey
61Alan ParsonsRush Rush Rush

Monochrome : Open
16Monty TrentOtter Island, Borrowdale
25Ray HattrellDana Ali
34Jose ClossUFO
43Norman RobertsonBritish Thoroughbred
52Norman RobertsonI'm Not Stopping
61Tony BiscombeEarly morning mists across the plain

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LPS 5 – Projected Images
3rd December 2019
Judge :

Colour : Open

16Tina BulleyLeaping for Salmon
25Andrew WinfieldCroatian fishing nets
34Jose ClossMorning Walk
43Diane BennettPeaking out
52Jose ClossStars over Ait Benhaddou
61Jose ClossBerber gazes

Monochrome : Themed - Gothic
16Monty TrentRievaulx Abbey
25Chris CharlesworthGoth Rider in the Storm
34Tina BulleyStand and Deliver
43Tamsin SpainGhosts in Chetham's Library
52Monty TrentDunlewy Church
61Andrew WinfieldWe walk in dark shadows

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LPS 6 – Prints
11th March 2020
Judge : Sally Sallett

Colour : Themed - Surprise

16Norman RobertsonMaori Greeting
25Ray HattrellSurprise on the Beach
34Ted ClementsDon't creep up like that

Monochrome : Open
16Jose ClossSnow storm
25Norman RobertsonHill Top Copse
34Ray HattrellCatfish Blues Band
43Jose ClossArchitectural abstract2
52Keith BrightwellEscheresque
61Ruth BaumbergKurdish refugee and apprentice barber

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